What is a Nootropic?

What is a Nootropic?

In recent years, the popularity of nootropics has increased dramatically, largely driven by the perceived benefits to help improve performance and memory. Despite this rise in both interest and demand, many still don’t understand what a nootropic is.

Nootropics are supplements designed to support cognitive health functions such as memory, intelligence, motivation and clarity of thought. Many nutrients have been shown to enhance and support brain function, making nootropics an increasingly popular choice for people of all ages.

Some of the main Nootropic ingredients used in Ctrl Energy are listed below, the important memory, focus and cognitive benefits of these properties are why they are included in Ctrl Energy

  1. Citicoline is a potent brain-health nutrient and nootropic. A proprietary form of citicoline, Cognizing® has been clinically studied to support mental energy, focus and attention improvements.
  1. Alpha Size brings with it a number of possible benefits, one of the most important being the possibility of improving brain health and cognition. It may be possible for Alpha GPC to improve memory formation and enhance learning ability.
  1. Tyrosine is a widely used nootropic designed to improve cognition and alertness whilst under stress. An ideal an addition to CTRL, Tyrosine is one of the main ingredients we use and is backed by a wide variety of studies.
  1. Extra is a branded ingredient designed to amplify the effects of caffeine. Its unique botanical formulation helps increase mental alertness without the ‘crash’ you get from cheap artificial caffeine you find in traditional energy drinks.

So basically, nootropics help to amplify how your brain and body function, but in a safe way. Think of it as running on the same platform rather than having to use a completely different console.