Super Strawb Racey Laces Shaker Bundle

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Our new Candyland flavour - Strawberry Laces with a free shaker!

Improved taste, mixability and energy. Designed to keep you gaming and creating. Need more energy? Struggling to focus? This is for. Zero Sugars, no nasty additives and added Nootropics - What more could you want?

- Zero Sugar

- 4 Calories 

- Suitable for Vegetarians  


What's in the bundle?

Our signature Candyland flavour - Strawberry Laces. That old school flavour, re-invented into a nootropic energy drink.

- Zero Sugar

- Zero Calorie

- Vegan Friendly

- UK Made

- Nootropic Formula
The first, the original. Its our OG Shaker. We created this shaker to be everything you need in a shaker. Reliable, dishwasher safe and good looking when its on your desk.

- 500ml Capacity

- Dishwasher safe

- BPA free

- Unique loop handle design


Each bundle contains 1 x Dr Hoochi Fruit Salad 30 Serving Tub & 1 x OG CTRL Shaker. The bundle will show as one item in your basket, but you will receive both. The bundle is a great value option.

We recommend a shaker for the best way to mix CTRL Energy, but its not essential. If you want something that looks cool while you stream, is dishwasher safe & durable - then a shaker is a good call.

Each tub is 30 Servings. So roughly a month's supply, assuming your using it everyday......of course. You can double scoop if you are looking for a mind bending hit of energy but be prepared for the lack of sleep as a result.

Solid question.

We truly believe in creating something better when we formulated CTRL. Adding ingredients that truly benefit performance and removing things that just aren't needed. Zero Sugars & Zero Nasty ingredients. Alongside our unique nootropic blend we believe CTRL provides an un-beatable focus and energy hit.

Our product is formulated and produced in the UK. We created the formula ourselves before sourcing the highest quality manufacturers to produce the product you see today. We lent into our experience in the nutrition industry to find producers that exceed all quality standards, no cutting corners.

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