The 'Purple' One - Shaker

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Our all new The 'Purple' one shaker has landed. 

This brand new colourway is a one-off design - once there gone - there gone. 

As always, our shakers are produced to the highest standards - BPA free, Dishwasher safe and 600ml Capacity. It's the perfect gaming accessory - keeping you fuelled all day or all night. 

This bold new colourway wont be around for long - so grab yours while you can. 

- 600ml Capacity

- Dishwasher Safe

- Mixes with ease

- Mixer ball included 


The Key Features

Designed to withstand even the toughest of washes, our shaker makes life easier than having to hand scrub it clean. Winning. 

Yep, plenty of room for you to mix your favourite CTRL flavour and keep hydrated during those all night streams. No only that, but our high quality plastics mean no leakage. Nothing worse than wasting the precious energy.......

We felt it was only right to have a shaker that matched our approach. Nothing nasty. BPA free plastic was essential for us. Why have a great clean product and nasty cheap shaker? 


Its a mixing ball, designed to help breakup and mix our powder when you add water. Its a clever little thing that just means you get the best possible mix every time. Simple really

We created these shakers to try and cover all bases and uses. If your on the go, that little loop means you can tie or hook it onto a bag or strap. Means you can keep CTRL with you wherever you are. 

We strongly recommend that you only use the CTRL shaker for still drinks. Anything carbonated is likely to cause the lid to pop open as the pressure will cause some issues. Feel free try but just remember we warned you.

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