June 2019 - The Idea

Born from a love of gaming and passion for nutrition. CTRL was formed on knowing we could offer something different, something that would actually help you game for longer, react faster and hopefully play better.

October 2019 - Business Setup

The big step. We took the plunge and decided to push our idea forward. We knew that after weeks of research and seeing what else was in the market we could offer something better. Our humble beginnings with a sole focus on creating a product that would truly improve performance.

January 2020 - Product Goes into Production

The BIG day. Our product rolls off the production line, months or work to create the best possible formula designed to really help gamers react faster, concentrate better and be true to our nutrition background. Zero sugar and no nasty ingredients.


March 2020 - Design & Website Build

With our product in production we turned our attentions to building out our website and all things social. We knew that we had to come up with something cool and unique. We wanted our designs to stand out as much as product does. We developed our range of unique characters that see across everything we do.

May 2020 - Launch Day

It all came down to this. 6 Months of testing, researching and planning came down to this. We knew that whilst we couldn't do what the big guys could, we would be for the everyday gamer. We will always the brand that looks after the little guy.

That's a fact.

August 2020 - Our First Shaker

It was only right that we brought our unique CTRL Style to a shaker. The ideal accessory for CTRL Energy, the Original Shaker. Cool white colourway - 500ml capacity, dishwasher safe. Everything you would expect at an affordable price.

November 2020 - Black Friday Sale

We knew that we couldn't just do a 'normal' sale for our first ever Black Friday. So we went big. Huge discounts, free gifts the whole 9 yards. We wanted to make sure that everyone got the chance to try CTRL.

January 2021 - SOLD OUT

Yep, we couldn't believe it either. We started CTRL thinking it could be a success, but we didn't plan to sell out that quickly. We knew that this was our chance to re-load, re-think and go again with something bigger and better.

March 2021 - New Website Launch

Taking everything we have learned over the last year - we knew we had to up our game. Our website took on a new look, more products, more merchandise and more information. We wanted to make sure we had a site that really reflected everything CTRL stands for.

March 2021 - New Flavours Launched

Oh yes, the new flavours. Nothing less than the best. Great tasting, better mixability, improved colours. We took all the feedback from our original flavours and moved the needle. Sweetshop flavours in a kick ass energy powder. Yep. That's CTRL Energy.