Are you a dedicated gamer, streamer or content creator…

Well we need you!

We are on the lookout for people to partner with who can help make CTRL better then it is. We want to create a community of gamers, streamers, photographers and content creators that can help make a difference.

We want people who are passionate and want to get involved. If you think your network or following would be interested in CTRL then get in touch. We have two programmes Affiliate and Sponsorship.

You need to be over 18 to apply.

Affiliate Programme


- Active on social media and a regular gamer

- Passionate about gaming it can be one game or lots – we just need see your into it

- Not affiliated with any other energy drink or brand

- You love CTRL and want to work with us – this is the foot in the door


What do you get?

- 10% discount on all products

- 10% commission on sales (not valid during sales period)

- 20% off all personal orders merch & products

- Free shaker & sticker pack when joining

- Graphics to promote on your streams & socials etc

- Exclusive access to all new product launches and sales

- Access to member only discord

Sponsorship Programme

What Is It?

Our sponsorship program is slightly different. We are looking for someone who stands out from the crowd.

Do you produce amazing content, do you have a wide reaching audience? If this is you then we want to hear from you. We build sponsorship packages unique to you. Want to find out more? Contact us directly using the form or click the button below.


Contact Us Directly