Hi, We’re CTRL

We created CTRL with a belief that gamers were not getting a product that could truly improve their gaming. Energy drinks filled with sugar and ingredients that have little impact on their performance. CTRL is formulated to change all that, Energy, Focus & Concentration when you need it most.

You Deserve the Best

It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player or a full time streamer. Our energy formula provides a hit of energy, without the crash. Laser like focus…. Consider it an aimbot for your brain, just one scoop and you're good to go.

Founded in Science

Our backgrounds in Nutrition and Sports Science give us the edge when it comes to knowing what works. It's not magic or mana that creates our working formula, but science and a deeper understanding of what impacts gaming performance. Using cutting edge ingredients at the right levels. Uncompromising.

For All Gamers

We don’t care if you’re a PC wizard, Gameboy fanatic or Console Creator – we just care that you play. You could be the secret gamer or worldwide streamer – CTRL is for all. We aren’t interested if your K/D is terrible or if you're playing professionally. CTRL is designed for all.